We stand to lose over $300,000 in school funding!


The budget cuts to charters are proposed by the legislature, and we need you to take action NOW. The budget could be approved later today by 6:00 PM, and funding for our students could be dramatically impacted. This will impact our classrooms, teachers and families. We at Telesis were just informed yesterday about the potential budget cuts.

Telesis Preparatory Academy stands to lose a significant amount of funding to operate our school, as much as $314,571. In addition, the legislature based its fiscal impact to our charter families on estimates from September 2013, and our charter students have grown since that calculation. With our Arizona Charter Schools Association experts assisting, we are hoping to prevent this decision before it is too late. But, we need your help NOW!

Telesis Preparatory Academy is at risk to lose elective classes and staff members if these budget cuts are approved.

Despite hundreds of protesters and testimony about the budget’s negative effects on Arizonans, the 13 budget bills passed Thursday in the Senate and early this morning in the House. The Senate and House are meeting this morning at 10 a.m. to start the next phase of the budget process, and your voice is critical. The Association is opposing the budget, and we need your help in voicing opposition.

The Arizona Charter Schools Association has drafted a letter that you can send to your lawmaker and the Governor. Simply sign into their system with your address and the action alert will take you through the process to email your Senator and Representatives. We also have a few recommendations when sending your message.

• Be respectful, and rational
• Personalize the message
• Describe your school and that almost 500 students would be affected
• Be specific about impacts to your students