Thank you to everyone who made an effort to return your lunch applications! The following homeroom classes have returned 100% of their applications and have earned a FREE DRESS WEEK (September 14th – September 18th):

Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Sabin

Early Elementary (Grades 1-2)
Mrs. Tefft
Mrs. Emerson
Miss Brookover

Elementary (Grades 3-4)
Mrs. Caron
Mrs. Dominguez
Mrs. Mahowald
Mrs. Cruz
Mrs. Crandall
Mrs. Andrade

Intermediate (Grades 5-6)
Mrs. Wicevich
Mrs. Apalategui
Mrs. Peloquin
Mrs. Phelps

Junior Academy (Grades 7-8)
Mrs. Nash
Mrs. Landoni

Academy (Grades 9-12)
Mrs. Walters
Mr. Whitson
Mrs. Biasiucci
Miss Simon
Mr. Bassey

Mr. Wayman

Mr. Wolfe


If you have any questions, please contact the front office at 928-855-8661.