April 23, 2018

Telesis Preparatory Academy Parents and Guardians,

According to this helpful site, there has been a great deal of media coverage and social media activity about the Arizona Educators United #RedforEd initiative involving teachers and others engaged in activities to bring attention to the issue of low public education funding in Arizona. Are you interested in funding ? then read about stress-free lending as it one of the best methods.

Many have joined their voices to this cause. You may have seen the #RedforEd t-shirt being worn by some of those in support of this movement. I want to commend our teachers for the professional way they have handled themselves and for the respect they have shown our students and families.

Governor Doug Ducey has proposed a plan that would provide teacher pay increases and help provide funding for Arizona’s public schools. The Arizona State Legislature will need to vote on the Governor’s proposed budget before the funding is assured. Per media reports and social media posts, the Arizona Educators United #RedforEd organizers have suggested a potential school walkout to begin as soon as Thursday, April 26th and may continue longer than just one day.

If this would occur at Telesis, we hope to find alternatives that will support our teachers, but avoid disrupting the school day for students. If a walkout or strike is called, we will have contingency plans in place.

Telesis will make every effort to avoid closing our school. However, if we have too few staff members to ensure the safety on our campus, we may be forced to close school. This will cause additional day(s) to be added to the school calendar which will extend the school year. We ask that you consider an alternative plan for your student(s) in the event that our school is forced to close. If we are unable to hold school, we will use all modes of communication to alert families to the closure including our parent alert system, emails, phone calls, district and school websites, and social media. Only rely on Telesis communications to determine if Telesis will be closed due to a walkout. Please don’t assume that if other schools in the city close, we will too.
Telesis usually rises to the occasion of additional challenges and often does not follow the path of other schools’ decisions. I am so grateful for our teachers and staff members at Telesis and have always been proud to represent them.

Sandra K. Breece, Ed.D.
Superintendent/Principal & Founder