Savanah Primeaux, JA-7



Congratulations, Savanah Primeaux, you are the Student of the Month for September!

Savanah is a Junior Academy -7 student who loves English and social studies and thinks all of her teachers are great.  She is proud to have made the volleyball team and is also proud for maintaining straight A’s all last year. 

Her teachers had the following to say about Savanah:

Ms. Poppleton:  Savanah is new to Telesis this year and works extremely hard.  She’s constantly helping the people around her and the work she completes is always done so well.  She also tried out and the JV volleyball team.  She listens carefully and strives to do her best in everything she puts her mind to.

Ms. Nash: I agree wholeheartedly! Savanah readily participates in all activities and discussions.  She is helpful to others and is an excellent role model to her peers!

Ms. Hayes: I agree as well.  Savanah is a pleasant, well-mannered young lady who is always ready to learn as well as do her best on everything.  I am very impressed with her efforts.