Kyndra Flores, JA-8


Congratulations, Kyndra Flores!  You are  Student of the Month for December!


Kyndra’s favorite classes are math, English, and P.E..  She is proud of her math achievements and her favorite teacher is Miss Poppleton.   She enjoys participating in volleyball and cheer. 

Kyndra’s teacher’s said:

Miss Poppleton: “Kyndra has improved significantly since last year, in confidence and ability. Kyndra always asks for absent work, sometimes emailing me from home, so she can stay on top of material.  She was part of the volleyball team as well.  She is a great role model for her peers and continues to impress me on a regular basis.”

Ms. Nash: “She works hard and puts in full effort in class.  She clearly cares about her success and is helpful to others.”

Mrs. Gough: “She has continually turned in quality work, she helps her classmates, and has a high level of effort. “

Mr. Rochon: “Kyndra Flores is an excellent choice

[for Student of the Month].  She is always at the top of her game in my class.”