Congratulations to all of the Telesis Spelling Bee participants! 

Our top three spellers are: Nathan Jackson, 1st Place; Jace McDougal, 2nd Place; and Devin Eppard, 3rd place.

Nathan Jackson will go on to compete in the 2019 Mohave County Spelling Bee in Kingman, AZ on Friday, January 18th, 2019!

Nathan Jackson, JA-8 1st Place

Jace McDougal, J7 Grade 2nd Place

Devin Eppard, JA-8 3rd Place



















A huge thank you to Ms. Schopen for making the spelling bee happen and to Mr. R. Brown and Mrs. Gough for judging the competition!


Spelling Bee Contestants (in no particular order):


4th grade


  • Emaleigh Daniels
  • Iann Mitchell
  • Kamila Osornio
  • Nicole Padilla
  • Isabella Shumake
  • Alternate: Heaven Mariscal 




5th grade


  • Olivia Roberge
  • Aschlyn Talavera
  • Briah Urick 
  • Aiden Elder
  • Vera Murphy



6th grade


  • Elee Sauzedde
  • Isaiah Page
  • Isaac Lima
  • Chein Hubahib
  • Zoey Enfield



  • Chloe King
  • Christina O’
  • Tyler Durham
  • Jace McDougal
  • Alexa Ramierz


    • Geoffrey Norton
    • David Brownlee
    • Nathan Jackson
    • Devin Eppard
    • Braden Cox