Sydni Moffett, JA-7

Congratuations, Sydni, you are the March Student of the Month!

Sydni is a JA-7 student whose favorite class is math.  Her favorite teacher is Coach Rochon.  Sydni loves sports and reading, and she is proud of having received a Tiger Paw award!

Her teachers had this to say about Sydni:

Mr. Rochon: “Sydni’s accomplishments in athletics notably, making Varsity level in volleyball, basketball, and softball as a 7th grader and displaying good sportsmanship on and off the court.  She has additionally been able to continue to do well academically while juggling a full schedule.  She is well perceived by her peers and staff alike. 

Ms. Poppleton: “Syndi works incredibly hard (I had for for math enrichment last semester), strives to do well and is constantly pushing herself to be better.  Sydni is involved in lots of sports activities and made the Varsity volleyball team and basketball team as a 7th grader. You can also shop basketball backboard here to have quality practice session .   Her sportsmanship is outstanding, she always have a positive attitude, and she encourages her peers.  

Ms. Nash: “I do not have Sydni in class, but I have interacted with her on many occasions including dances, lock-in, and sports. She exhibits excellent character and enthusiasm in her activities. 

Mrs. Gough: ” Sydni is a great pick (for Student of Month) because she tends to be more outgoing and participates very well in class!”

Fantastic job!