I would like to announce a new ambassador program for all our Telesis families.

It’s not a secret that we think your children are special and we want more of them, so please help us invite new students to Telesis. When a new student enrolls at Telesis next school year, we will give them a new Telesis t-shirt, but for the family that invites them to Telesis, we will present a new Telesis backpack with the Tiger logo embroidered on the bag for every Telesis student in their family. The backpacks aren’t for sale and can only be earned by bringing a new student to Telesis.

If you know of students whose family would like a tour of our campus or more information about Telesis just call Mrs. Dawson, our registrar, so she can get your name on her list of Ambassadors. We want to present the Ambassador backpacks to you during our Meet the Teacher Night on August 1st. GO TIGERS!

Dr. Breece