Ryland Pyles – JA-8


Congratulations, Ryland Pyles, you are the September Student of the Month!


Ryland is a Junior Academy student whose favorite class is math.  His favorite teacher is Mrs. Gough and he is proud of how hard he works.  Ryland’s teachers had this to say:

Miss Poppleton: “Ryland Pyles has shown LOADS of improvement since last year.  His grades, behavior, participation, and effort have done a complete 180 (in the best way possible). Ryland asks loads of questions, turns in all assignments, and is consistently prepared. 

Ms. Nash: “I would agree that Ryland has shown increased maturity and tremendous growth in effort, behavior, and applying himself academically.  He has made impressive improvements in all of these areas.”

Mrs. Gough: “Ryland’s effort in class and on his homework has improved over time.  He cooperates positively with the teacher and other students and is courteous in the classroom.  Ryland also stays on task with little supervision and displays self-discipline.  He is ready with contextual contributions and participates on a daily basis.”

Mr. Rochon: “Ryland has proven to be a responsible and respectful student as well as a good example for others to follow.”