Olivia Roberge

Olivia Roberge, JA-6

Olivia Roberge is a JA-6 student whose favorite classes are math, science, social studies, and English Language Arts.  Her favorite teacher is Mr. Brown and she is very proud of being named the top mathematician among 4th-6th grade students.

Here are a few comments from Olivia’s teachers:

Mr. Brown: “Olivia would be an excellent choice (for Student of the Month) and the kids said she excellent with Mathlympics!”

Mrs. Capps: “She is kind to all, always on task, and willing to help others.  She received two awards at the 2019 ASU Math Challenge. Her firs award was for being the top mathematician at Telesis.  She also got 2nd place in the top 6 of all sixth grade students that competed in Mohave County.”

Ms. Poppleton: “I do not teach Olivia, but she is a wonderful young lady. She even helped clean up after The AR carnival, she is always willing to lend a hand!”

Mr. Watkins: “Olivia is doing very well academically and behavior-wise in science class. She always has such a great positive attitude and is always willing ot help other students when she finishes her work early.”

Mrs. Bradshaw: “She is an awesome student and young lady!”

Ms. Cutchall: “Olivia is such a sweetheart.  When she is a team captain, she always chooses people who do not get chosen first often, to make them feel good.”

Mrs. Cox: “Olivia never complains and follows directions the first time.  She gets along with everyone. “


Congratulations, Olivia!