Brian Bernardino JA-8

Congratulations, Brian Bernardino! You are the December Student of the Month!

Brian is a Junior Academy 8 student whose favorite class is computer science.  His favorite teacher is Mr. Groat.  Brian is also very proud that he tripled his Accelerated Reader (AR) goal.

Here is what his teacher’s said:

Mrs. Nash: “He is such a hard worker, giving full effort in all that he does.  Brian is always listening and on task, regardless of distractions around him.  He works well in any capacity and is helpful to others.  Family is very important to Brian, and he is often taking care of his siblings or writing about them in journals/essays. He is diligent with AR and frequently suggests books to other students, including his siblings.  I see Brian carrying multiple lunch boxes from the office daily and delivering them to others.  He has spent many days after school organizing library books and the library card box, all of his own volition. 

Mrs. Gough: “Brian is consistent with his effort and always willing to help his classmates.  He volunteers in class and is diligent with his assignments and projects.  In science, e is innovative, creative and persistent.  He tries exceptionally hard and is all around a great person. 

Mr. Groat:  As a brand-new teacher, he was quite helpful to me. I have witnessed his kindness and willingness to assist other students.   He’s a wonderful asset to the entire classroom.

Mr. Sotirokos: “I’ve never had any kind of issue with him and he is always participating.” 

Miss Poppleton: Brian is very sweet and kind and has gained a lot of confidence in math and himself. 

Great Job!