Luc Gelito, JA-7

Luc Gelito, JA-7


Congratulations, Luc! you are the Student of the Month for January!

Luc Gelito is a JA-7 student whose favorite classes are computer science, math, and P.E.  His favorite teacher is Mr. Watkins.  Luc is proud to have attended the ASU Math Competition for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade and for maintaining straight A’s.  He enjoys playing video games, baking, watching anime, and watching Youtube. 

Luc’s teachers said the following:

Mr. Brown: “Luc Gelito would be a wonderful addition to the SOM (Student of the Month) club.  He tested very well during finals and is a great example for other students to follow.”

Ms. Poppleton: “He works extremely hard and strives to do well. Luc will come in before or after school for clarification on new material and pushes himself to understand concepts forwards and backwards.  Luc is quick to help classmates understand new material and gets along well with others.  he is also going to be taking part in the Mathlympics through ASU this year!”

Mrs. Capps: “Luc is a top-notch student!  He is excelling on computer science.  Luc is the first student to code an app and create a game.”

Mr. Sotirokos: “Luc gives full effort in every P.E. class, throughout the entire class. He will also coach a student if they are not sure on rules of the game. He is very deserving of the nomination (for Student of the Month).”

Ms. Nash:  “Luc Gelito is an amazing student and has earned Student of the Month. Academically, he puts in full effort, frequently going above and beyond. His words and actions show exemplary character as well as a fun sense of humor.  His writing is fun and creative, and he does not hesitate to share.  Luc works well with others in groups, and he is helpful to those around him. “

Ms. Martin: “Amazing young man and student who is always on task with a smile!”

Mr. Watkins: “He is a very bright and thoughtful student when in class. He is attentive to getting his work done, and more than willing to help other students in class who request peer tutoring.  I am always impressed by Luc’s ability to push past his comfort zone to a complete  a science lab experiment or dissection.”