March 16, 2021
Dear Telesis Families and Community Members,
Sometime after I first opened Hands-On! Learning in 1991 which later became Telesis Center for Learning, Inc. in 1993, a few years later I decided that I would give it all I’ve got for 30 years and then it would be time to turn it over to a successor. As you know this year is our 30th birthday year. Hard to believe the 30th year is here.
Dr. David Snyder is the candidate who was selected by an extraordinary interview committee, members of our Administration Team. Dr. Snyder has had experience of being Principal in not just one, but three Arizona Public Charter Schools. He is a state certified Superintendent and Principal in Arizona and Vermont, his home state. I am happy to say that indirectly, he will help bring music back onto our campus as his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees are all in the musical arts. His instrument of choice is the trumpet.
Dr. Snyder’s track record speaks for itself and his references expressed one success story after another connected to his tenure at their schools. However, I didn’t stop there. I continued to search for people who knew him and I am happy to say I found even more wonderful compliments about him all across the state of Arizona.
Dr. Snyder and I will work together for the next three months starting on Monday, March 22nd to help him to become familiar with our school and to get to know all of you. On July 1st, 2021 he will assume the position of Superintendent/Principal for Telesis Center for Learning, Inc. I will remain on the Board of Directors as President and continue as Charter Holder to offer any support as necessary.
Please join me to welcome Dr. David Snyder to our campus.
Sandra K. Breece, Ed.D.
Superintendent/Principal & Founder