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Update from Dr. Breece

Date: April 5, 2020 To: Telesis Parents and Guardians From: Dr. Sandy Breece, Superintendent/Principal & Founder Re: Update on school processes during school closure   Dear Parents and Guardians of Telesis Students, Thank you for being the caregiver and supervisor of your children’s learning during a pandemic none of us predicted would come to this: [...]

Update – School Campus Closed Through April 10

https://youtu.be/zQ0ryfOFOak ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Telesis Parents and Guardians, As you know, the State of Arizona has required all public schools to close for a period of time to allow coronavirus to subside.  As a public school, Telesis will be closed through April 10. Through this closure time, our teaching staff will be contacting you in [...]

Regarding Monday’s Events

Telesis Parents, As you have heard, students felt strongly of the difficult decision I had to make to remove a teacher from our team at Telesis. I can assure you it was a decision I did not make lightly or without great consideration, first, for what is the right thing to do for the students [...]

Want a Custom Telesis Backpack?

AMBASSADOR PROGRAM I would like to announce a new ambassador program for all our Telesis families. It's not a secret that we think your children are special and we want more of them, so please help us invite new students to Telesis. When a new student enrolls at Telesis next school year, we will give [...]

Way to go Telesis Mathlympic Team!

Wow! Are we proud of our Mathlympic team or what?! Not only did they place third place overall, but there were three (3) individual medal winners as well. Here are the results as it was published in the MCC Newsletter that went out that very day: From Telesis Preparatory Academy: Pallavi Koyye, Michael DeFoe, and [...]

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