Telesis has a new club!

The Telesis Biker’s Club is looking for young, eager boys or girls in traditional 6th grade-8th grade who would like to make a difference in a Veterans life here in Lake Havasu. The Veterans United will be sponsoring us and providing us the bikes to work on. The bikes that we will be fixing up will be donated back, in working tip top condition, to local Veterans here in Havasu who do not have the luxury of owning a car or any type of transportation. We will focus on the basics of how to maintain a bike. We will be taking apart a used bicycle down to the frame and learning how to clean, fix, readjust, lube, fix a chain, adjust brakes, adjusting the derailleur, etc. This club will extend into next school year where you will be part of the Telesis Biker’s Build-Off Team.

Our Telesis Biker’s team this year took first place in the First Annual Veterans United School Bike Challenge. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference here in Lake Havasu, and in someone’s life, a Veteran’s Life, come and join us. Plan on having fun, getting dirty, learning new trade skills, making new friends, and best of all making a Veteran’s Life even better.