Please use this form to discuss any pertinent information that you would like to be considered in your evaluation.  Examples are given for each section, but they are just that — examples.  You can provide any information you feel is relevant to each evaluation section.


CSF Teacher Leadership Self Report

  • Example: All parts of portfolios are complete for each student and meet quality expectations. (Add any information in which you want the evaluator to be aware.)
  • Extracurricular Involvement Examples: 1.) Showcased student projects at Open House and 2.)helped Key Club with their donation drive./ Fundraising Examples: I supervised Builder's Club students at their bake sale/ Community Outreach Examples:I advised XYZ Club; I worked on the London Bridge Days parade float
  • Lesson Plan Example: Always turn lesson plan in on time;or I missed a deadline once or twice, but they were always complete; T4S Example: Made sure to schedule evaluations on time; Menot Logs Example: mentor logs have always been turned in on time; Curriculum Maps Example: I update and use curriculum maps frequently
  • Positive Outlook Example: I have not had any personnel issues (i.e. No negativity between coworkers and/or parents); or I was placed on an improvement plan, but I am meeting my goals. Deadlines Met Example: I never missed deadlines for posting grades, updating conference notes in Synergy, and never late inputting info for report cards. Parent Communication Example: I have made a strong effort to schedule every conference. I had 95% turnout for parent conferences; I send weekly emails to parents; I have a blog for parents to read about homework and classroom activities.
  • Example: I have never been late to work; I have never been absent; I have always given at least 2 hours notice if I need to call out sick and 24 hours notice if I need to take a planned day off.