Telesis is tuition free! We are a non-profit public charter school that is funded by the state and federal government. Telesis maintains and guarantees small class sizes, averaging 18 to 20 students. Contrary to the belief that charter schools are for troubled or disobedient kids, our students are great kids and many of them go on to college or enter the military with great success. Numerous students have earned scholarships to major universities and have gone on to attend colleges such as MIT.

We have a sports program, after-school program, several clubs and many extracurricular activities.

Telesis is an accredited elementary, middle school, and high school in Lake Havasu City. Our school is accredited with two different accreditation agencies: Association for Performance-Based Accreditation and AdvancED. AdvancED is the world’s largest education community, serving more than 70 countries including 30,000 public schools, private schools, and districts across the United States.

Telesis teachers are dedicated and passionate about teaching. Per federal guidelines, our teachers meet the Arizona State Standards for Highly Qualified Status. This means that they must have a certain minimum of subject-specific course work in order to teach a particular grade level or subject. In public charter schools, teachers do not have to be state certified. This is a good thing as it allows individuals in the private sector to teach who are highly qualified and who have so much to offer in a classroom.