Telesis Board Meeting Call to Public

Good morning Board Members. My name is Sam Potteiger and I have two sons that attend Telesis. I am here this morning to convey my testimonial as it relates to the staff and administration here at Telesis.

This past semester, my youngest son, Sam, received a note from a friend of an educational opportunity to attend Conserve School this upcoming Fall semester. Conserve School is located in the Land O Lakes region in WI. Attending Conserve School gives high school students a one-semester (like a “semester abroad”) opportunity to step out of their regular school and into an exceptional educational setting, while still continuing their required academic studies. We noticed that Conserve School was an AdvancED NCA accredited school, so we broached the possibility of attending with staff & the admin team here at Telesis. Everyone involved, from the Registrar to the Academy Dean of Students to the Counselor to Dr. Breece played a vital role in Sam gaining admittance. Betsy and I are constantly amazed how lucky we are to be at a school where you can actually talk with someone and then witness the follow-through.

One of the great things about attending Telesis is its commitment to provide programs which benefit the future growth and development of each individual.’ Conserve School will allow Sam to pursue a special area of interest in depth – Environmental Sciences, something he’s wanted to do since the 2nd grade. He is a University of Arizona bound GeoSciences student and Conserve School will provide a fantastic opportunity to see Earth Sciences in full view (as well as enhancing his college application).  I personally believe this is the true strength of Telesis, the flexibility to follow through on this commitment to students. This is just one shining example but I have seen it in action for the last eight years.

…..Dr. Breece, please accept this Letter from Conserve School for your use.

Lastly, my older son, Nixon, was offered admission to two ‘hard to get into’ colleges (University of Florida & University of Massachusetts) as a mathematics major, worth noting because the foundation really is here for students. Once again, I applaud the efforts of you the Board, the staff and the administration here at Telesis.

Sam Potteiger