The library in many schools is just a place to hang out and find books, our library is not different in that aspect. The big difference in our school is the accelerated reader program. As the librarian I have to make sure that I find the correct book for each child in their years of them reading. I have to know what each child has read, taken a test on, and what he or she enjoys reading. I love to see the faces of the kindergarten students as they check out their first AR book. As the students come in at least once a week and exchange books it is so neat to see their faces after they finish reading a whole set of books. When they come in and say “Mrs. Fallis this book was very funny” I have to smile. Our library is small and like all other libraries we need more books, but to see the excitement on a child’s face as they finish a book is worth more than any amount of money.

Flo Fallis
Telesis Librarian
(now Early Elementary Teacher)