Reading Horizons Elevate Overview

Independent Reading Instruction
Older students can easily and independently learn to read with the Reading Horizons Elevate software. The software is beneficial for struggling students because it delivers the instruction they need in a non-threatening, age-appropriate way. By learning apart from their peers and teacher, students aren’t embarrassed by their poor reading skills, making them less resistant to instruction and more open to learning.

Target the Needs of Each Student
By responding to built-in assessments, the Reading Horizons Elevate software continuously adjusts the pace and content to meet the needs of each individual student.
When a student shows signs of struggle, the software reviews instruction and offers more practice opportunities; when a student proves proficiency, the software advances to the next skill.

Address a Range of Reading Deficits
The Reading Horizons Elevate software is divided into three sections: Lessons, Vocabulary, and the Library. Students learn reading skills through the interactive Lessons.
They practice those skills in the Vocabulary section. Then they transfer those skills to comprehension tasks in the Library.

Monitor Student Progress
You can easily see where students are succeeding and where they are struggling with detailed reports. The reports help teachers know exactly what each student needs to take the next step toward achievement.

Reinforce Classroom Instruction
When used with the direct instruction materials, the Reading Horizons Elevate software can be used to pre-teach or review lesson material. Students’ can access the online version from home for further reinforcement.