Rosalie Prince, JA-7

Way to go, Rosalie Prince! You are October’s Student of the Month!

Rosalie is a Junior Academy -7 student whose favorite classes are social studies, language, math, science, P.E., computer science, and art.  Her favorite teacher is Mr. Brown.  Rosalie is proud of her first place and third place medals in martial arts and she likes to weave, listen to music, dance, and organize.

Her teachers said the following:

Mr. Brown: “Excellent student, always on task, great at answering questions and asking very inquisitive ones.”

Mrs. Capps: ” I selected Rosalie as co-captain for the JV volleyball team because of her grades, self-discipline, and kindness.  She is considerate and respectful to all staff and students.”

Ms. Poppleton: “She works very diligently in math, is thorough in her work, and helps the people around her.  It is very clear that Rosie wants to do well in school and takes pride in the work she turns in (she even did test corrections when it wasn’t required). “

Ms. Nash: “Rosie is just a pleasure to have in class and she lights up the room with her smile and fun humor,.  She clearly cares about her success in school and makes good choices.  Not only is she putting forth her full effort academically, but she frequently goes above and beyond.  Rosie models good character and would be perfect to represent our school for the Student of the Month luncheon!”

Mr. Watkins: “She has been going above and beyond, making sure not to fall behind on her science work while juggling volleyball games, and pep rallies.  She is always chasing me down for her make up work.. before she even misses the actual class.”

Ms. Kaiser: “She comes to class prepared and ready to work hard on her her project and always goes the extra amount to add more creativity and push her artistic skills.”

Mr. Rochon: “She has done an outstanding job thus far in P.E.  She is well perceived by her peers.  Rosalie is polite and respectful on a consistent basis.  She is more than willing to help others in class whom are in need of assistance in the acquisition of skills related to the task at hand.”