Miss Verhyen

Grades Taught: Academy Teacher (Grades 9-12) 

Subjects Taught: chemistry, earth science, anatomy

Past Teaching Experience: Substitute for Telesis

Years at Telesis: First year

Degrees held: Bachelor’s Degree – Biology

Campus Involvement: STEM Club assistant


Q. What motivated you to become a teacher?

A. I wanted to use my degree and work in my field. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher. I liked seeing people’s faces when they have that “A ha!” moment

Q. Why do you like teaching science?

A. I love science! I did a lot of organic chemistry work. That interaction at a molecular basis, which is such a complex idea, interests me the most.

Q. What is the most important thing that you want students to take away from your class?

A. Some students may not continue to be interested in science, but I hope when they all leave this class, they focus on being good people, good citizens, and become productive individuals.

Q. Who inspires you?

A. It would be my mom. She has always worked those long hours. She made me see that, even though it may take longer, the work can get done.  She allowed me to develop the mentality that, even though there may be challenges, it will be okay, and there will always be something to improve upon.

Q. Have there been any kind of connections that you’ve made with students that you want to share?

A. I did have one student in my chemistry class who, during passing period, came back to tell me, “I used moles in my other class today!” He just used the word, which is a number concept related to chemical equations, but he was excited to tell me about it. I also developed a good rapport with students during the time I subbed at Telesis.

Q. What is your favorite lesson or concept to teach?

A. In anatomy, I had my class watch surgical videos. As I explain what’s going on in the video to them, seeing the disgust on their face is very entertaining.

Q. What is your favorite part about teaching at Telesis?

A. I love the small class size. It is a lot easier to work with the students and focus on them. I had small class sizes when I was in college, so I know how effective it is. It’s definitely more hands-on.

Q. What kind of teacher do you want to be?

A. I want to be the teacher who can make class enjoyable and interesting for students. I want to make sure there are lots of hands-on assignments because that was the way I learned best when I was in school.