Telesis Preparatory Academy

Summer Cool Program

May 26 – June 18 

Monday through Thursday

8am to 2pm

Summer Cool is a free program only available to currently enrolled K-5 Telesis students.

  • Summer Cool is a time for students, K-5 to enjoy learning in a more relaxed and exciting atmosphere via Zoom and Moby Max
  • Students will need to be available Monday-Thursday for an 8:00 AM Zoom Meeting and will be required to work via Moby Max.
  • We will do some “read alouds”, connect over the internet, and work on each child’s area of need.
  • Please sign up! We will make this summer’s Summer Cool program the most memorable it has ever been.


We look forward to a fun and exciting summer cool and can’t wait to see you there!!!

Ms. Flo Fallis

Summer Cool Coordinator/Teacher

Summer Cool 2020 Registration