Mrs. Fleishman


Grades Taught: Kindergarten

Years at Telesis: Going on 2nd year

Past Teaching Experience:

Junior High and High School Math, 5 years

Kindergarten, 3 years

Years at Telesis: Starting 2nd year with Telesis

Campus Involvement:

Kinder Camp Teacher

Degrees Held

Bachelors-Psychology and Elementary Education
Masters-Special Education


Q. What motivated you to become a teacher?

A. I was going to school to become a psychologist, and then I got pregnant and got married – and that’s when I realized that I didn’t know anything about life!  I felt like I would be a hypocrite if I were to become a counselor.  I thought becoming a teacher would be the perfect opportunity to spend more time with my daughter.

Q. Why do you like teaching?

A. I enjoy teaching because it’s very rewarding and it’s actually fun.  It’s rewarding to watch children grow and learn – especially when they learn something they are struggling with.  They overcome that and I get to watch the progress. AND when they get excited about learning, that’s fun!

Q. How does the teaching profession give back to you, when teachers give so much?

A. The truth is, and it goes back to that saying, “You’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do.” — and that’s basically what it is. I love what I do.   When I do put that extra time and money into my classroom, it pays off. It always does.

Q. What’s something important that you’d like your students to take away from class?

A. To love reading, enjoy learning, and know that struggling is okay because it means you’re learning.  If you’re not struggling, you’re not learning. Just like riding a bike. You have to learn how to ride it, you’re not just going to take off.

Q. Who inspires you? Why?

A. My parents inspire me as far as work ethics go – they were both very hard-working.  Jesus Christ is an inspiration because, as a human being, if you look at Christ’s life, that would be the ultimate life to live – that kind of humbleness and outlook.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about teaching kindergarten – about that age group?

A. You see so much progress from the beginning to the end.  They come in not knowing much and by the end of the year they can read and write.  They are always so happy and eager to learn – they are always ready to go.

Q. What is your favorite thing to teach?

A. My favorite thing to teach, when I taught at the junior high level, was math, pre-algebra and algebra.  At the kindergarten level, it would be phonics and Super Kids.  The Super Kids is so much fun because they get to meet a new character and they are always eager to know what’s next. 

Q. What made you fall in love with teaching kindergarten?

A. When I was going to school to be a teacher, I said I would never teach kindergarten or middle school.  But my first opportunity was actually to teach kindergarten at Bethany Middle School.   I was able to do my student teaching with kindergartners.  It just happened that my next opportunity was to teach math (at junior high level).  And then I came here (to Telesis) to teach math, but then I was asked if I’d be interested in teaching kindergarten and I was thinking, “aahhh”, but I am SO glad I did it. It worked out great! 

Q. Is there anything that a parent has said to you that has made your day?

A. That their child loves reading now and they love coming to school. That means a lot to me – when they say their child enjoys coming to class.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Telesis?

A. My favorite thing about Telesis is the small community – it has that community feeling.  I like it because it’s a CKH (Capturing Kids’ Hearts) school and it feels like a Capturing Kids’ Hearts school. The last school I worked at was a CKH school, but it didn’t have that same sense of community.  I also LOVE that Telesis does the Super Kids curriculum.


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