Mrs. Horton

Grades Taught: 1st

Past Teaching Experience: 

Taught 3rd and 4th grade girls’ Sunday School & Vacation Bible School 

Pre-Kindergarten, 4 years

Years at Telesis: Going on 2nd year

Total Years Teaching: Going on 6 years

Degrees held:

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education


Completed student teaching in 2009

Volunteered and led numerous church-related outreach children’s programs

Interpreted ASL (American Sign Language) for Victory Baptist Church



Q. What motivated you to become a teacher?

A. My mom was a teacher and I always looked up to her.  I loved that she loved what she was doing – I wanted to love my career, too.  My mom really enjoyed it and just seeing her fall in love with teaching made me want to become a teacher, too.

Q.What’s the most important thing you want your students to take away from your class or from you?

A. I want them to know that they’re important.

Q. How does the teaching profession give back to you when teacher give so much to their profession?

A. I love being able to teach kids and that’s just really the big motivator.  I get to see these kids learn – not just academically, but they grow emotionally and become better people.

Q. Who inspires you – whether it be in your professional career or in general?

A. My daughter.  I want to be the kind of teacher that I would want her to have, as a parent.  I want somebody to not just to give her what she needs academically and intellectually, but also to love her and appreciate who she is as a human being.  I look at every kid in my class not just from a teacher’s perspective, but also from a parent’s perspective.

Q. Have students, or even parents, talked to you about a difference you have made?

A. I have second graders (Mrs. Horton’s previous 1st grade students) in my classroom every morning who tell me that they love me – and I tell them that I love them back.  They will go on to many different grades and teachers, but they are still mine.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about teaching 1st grade?

A. “Firsties” are the best! They are still young enough to want to learn and to get excited about learning for the sake of learning.  They are young enough to want to learn, but old enough to do things independently.

Q. What is your favorite lesson to teach?

A. I love what we are learning about now in social studies, which is American symbols. We learn the meaning of the flag, why we put our hand over our heart, and all the different parts of American symbols – it’s exciting to teach!  I love teaching phonics.  I love teaching reading.  My students come in learning CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and they walk out reading three-syllable words.  Just the growth from kindergarten through second grade is amazing. 

Q. What kind of kudos have you received from parents?

A. It was either my first or second week here at Telesis and I received an “orchid” in the paper.  I don’t know who it was from, but that really touched me.  It was only my second week and they said something along the lines of “I look forward to having a great year with you.”

Q. What is your favorite thing about Telesis?

A. As a student, I have been to public schools and I have been to private schools.  As a teacher, I have taught at private schools and I worked at public schools. I love that Telesis is like a private school, but it’s tuition free. So, it’s the best of both worlds.

I just really love what I do! I love Telesis and I really enjoy working here. I thank God every single day that I am employed here. It’s just a really great place to work.





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