Mrs. Walters

Grades Taught: Academy Teacher (Grades 9-12), Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Finance, Business Math

Past Teaching Experience: Mohave Community College

Years at Telesis: 9

Total Years Teaching: 15, going on 16.

Advisor to:

Junior Club, Senior Club, Senior Prom Club, Senior Trip, Mathlympics, National Honor Society

Degrees held:

Masters of Arts – Math Education (MAMEd)

Bachelors of Arts – Liberal Studies – Emphasis: Enterprise in Society (Business)

Associate of Business – Business Administration

Associate of Arts – Liberal Arts

Associate of Applied Science – Technology


Common Core Certification – Math for Telesis Fall 2012
 Developed and created all K-12 Common Core Curriculum Mapping for Telesis 
Initiated use and training for all Pearson Products Used at Telesis: Envision Math; Power Algebra 1, Geometry & Algebra 2; Pearson Math Courses 2,3 (JA); Pearson Realize; Writer’s Coach
Remapping of Academy Math Levels each year with Student Placement
Aid In Scheduling with regards to Academy Math
Maintain Yearly Updates and Class Creation for all Pearson Products: K-12
K-12 Math Team Leader- includes research on new electives/courses (i.e. Personal Finance; Business Math for 2016-2017)
Yearly Curriculum Reorder
Mentor to JA/Academy Math Instructors 
Substitute When Needed
Mohave Community College Associate Professor – 2008-2015

Campus Involvement:

Curriculum Committee Member/Scribe
State Tutoring/ After School Studies –
National and Junior Honor Society Adviser – 2013-Present
Senior Club Co-Adviser – 2015-2016
Senior Club Adviser – 2016-2017
TCAP member 2014-2015

Q. What motivated you to become a teacher?

A. I used to be a classroom helper here (at Telesis) and Dr. Breece made me recognize and believe that I could do this. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be teaching. She is the one who said, “you can do this” when I thought there was no way.

Q. What made you realize that you really wanted to teach?

A. The kids…because the students make the teacher, the teacher doesn’t make the students.

Q. How does the teaching profession give back when teachers give so much to their profession?

A. Honestly, I just keep my sights on graduation – just watching them graduate and when they come back to say “hi” and “thank you”.

Q. What’s the most important thing that you want your students to take away from your class?

A. Confidence. Confidence in themselves and to know that they can achieve what they don’t think they can do.

Q. Who inspires you? Why?

A. The kids. It’s that “a-ha!” moment that is pretty typical (of what keeps teachers inspired). If you’re talking about lifelong inspiration, then there are a few special women who knock it out of the ballpark. My mom is the one who kicked me in the butt.  She is the one who, when I did fall apart, she is the one who kept saying, “You got this, you got this, kid. Just do it.”

Q. Do you feel like you try to infuse some of that, from your mother, into your teaching?

A. Oh gosh, yes. You know what, if the kids go through heck because of me, it’s because my mother was standing there saying, “You got this. You can do this. Don’t give up. Just keep going.”

You’re going to fall flat on your face, but you will pick yourself up and you WILL accomplish it.

Q. When students come back to visit you (after graduation) what do they talk to you about?

A. For some it was, “I hated you in the beginning, but I thank you now” type of thing. Others just say, “Hey, Mom”. I know they say you are breaking every rule when you try to be a mom to them…you can’t be a mom to them, but the truth is, in a way, we have to be.  We have to be the moms and dads, here, in  those eight hours or more, because they spend more time here (at school) than they do at home.

Q. What is your favorite thing about teaching at Telesis?

A. We are not told exactly what to do and how to do it. You let us, be us. We know our kids.  You do question to a point, but you (Telesis) respect what we know (about teaching).

Q. What is your favorite thing about being a National Honor Society advisor?

A. Seeing the kids go to college. Look at last year – highest year ever for scholarships. The fact that they will have an opportunity that many from our generation never knew was there. So, letting them know, these are your opportunities.  I like being the voice that I didn’t have when I was in school because, quite frankly, when I was in school  I didn’t have anyone to tell me, “you have these grants, you have these scholarships…” The neat thing about NHS, you get to push them hard enough to let them know they can’t be a typical high school kid — not that they are typical, but 
[letting students know] you have things you need to take care of right now because you have worked too hard not to take care of them.

Q. What would your past students say about you?

A. There is a quote I saw online. It’s something like, “If the teacher does not have a personal relationship with their students, they do not become a teacher for life.” When my students come back, they say something like that…that you have influenced them for the rest of their lives. They say they recognize that now.







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