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Welcome to Mrs. Walters' Class

Hello everyone!   

I am Susie Walters and our Academy instructor for Math; Economics and our new ACT Preparation course.   I assist with our Math Olympics Team; National Honor Society; academic planning; college preparation; life after graduation but most of all - the building of confidence in our students to believe not only in themselves but that they can achieve all they set their minds to.  

I  became a math instructor because I struggled in math during high school and truly believed I was just one of those people “who was just not good at math.”  It took an amazing college professor at Mohave Community College to make me realize it was not me who ”just didn’t get it” but rather my educators’ failure to instruct “why” math does what it does.  As my students will tell you - my instruction is based on this reasoning - “the why”and never to give up or believe “you just aren’t good at it.”   

Consequently, I finished MCC with 3 Associate Degrees (General Technology; Liberal Arts and Business Administration); Northern Arizona University with a Bachelors of Business and Western Governors University with a Masters of Arts in Mathematical Education.  It was Sandy Breece who encouraged me to pursue teaching after volunteering as a “Classroom Mom.”  What began as just “helping” became my career as an educator.  I have taught a multitude of grade levels and subjects from 7th grade to college level studies.  Now, 20 years later, I have the privilege to continue working at Telesis and bringing our Academy to an “A” level school (per State of Arizona, 2022).  

I look forward to working with you and your student to help them achieve all their goals and the building of their future successes.